Wednesday, October 20, 2010

"Bootin out Cancer"

A co-worker was recently diagnosed with cancer. It is spread throughout her body. Fortunately she's young and is tolerating the chemo fairly well and she is looking much better. However, they have decided to do some genetic test/maps on her to try to determine if it is genetic. These tests are expensive. They are also spending a ton of cash on transportation to and from the doctor. So I decided after hearing the theme they have at the HS she teaches at Let's Boot out Cancer! That I'd paint a set of my cowboy boots to auction off. These are special as they have the colon cancer symbol ( a blue star ribbon) on the pull ups. All of the money is going to her family. If boots aren't your thing you probably aren't reading my blog. But I did a small water color of a girl shopping to auction off with the boots.